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Hey we’re Bryte, a growth agency specialized in SaaS businesses.

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Our process

We identify

how to accelerate your revenue growth together

We build

a growth strategy customized to your product

We transmit

our experience along with our data and impact driven mentality to your team

We drive our clients forward by creating
growth engines with predictable revenue.

We specialize in

Sales Enablement
Marketing Budgeting
Analytics & Automation
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Product Marketing


« Benjamin Twichell had great achievements in SEO (3.7x our SEO traffic in 6 weeks!) Lead Generation, Partnerships, HubSpot, Content Marketing, in addition to other areas. Additionally, he managed, hired and trained a high-performance team composed of writers, designers and developers. »
Matthieu Vaxelaire, CEO at Mention
« It has been a great pleasure working with Benjamin. He has a great way to take initiative, execute on them and produce great results. The combination of his numerous abilities, entrepreneurial traits, communication capacities, and adaptability make him an extremely valuable member to any team. I am confident is going to create a remarkable company one day; I recommend you employ him while he is still on the market. »
Eric Lagier, Managing Partner @ ByFounders
former CEO and founder at Memolane
former Head of Mobile @ Skype
« We did not know where to start with demand generation and growth, and doing a seven figures ARR without a CMO, we needed someone who could give the vision, processes and tools to build our growth engine. In less than 20 days, he designed a strategy, coached us on the growth mindset and stack tool. If you have a high growth SaaS, I greatly recommend to work with Gabriel to achieve results quickly and put your team on the fast track. »
Pierre Canard, Head of Operations at Cubyn

Our approach

Your data and customers are our guiding light .
We start a project by diving into your qualitative data to understand what has happened in the past, what’s occurring now, and where future opportunities lie.
Next, we move into qualitative research. Our goal is to deeply comprehend how your customers tick.  We take this understanding of your business and customers to make informed decisions.
Your revenue has opportunity for growth across the funnel.
We want to make sure every dollar you spend provides the highest return to your business. Thus, before pouring more cash into acquisition we verify the rest of the funnel is fully optimized.
We work to discover opportunities to turn your current customers into promoters, generating leads and other customers for you.
This is what a growth engine is all about. We look at the full picture instead of simply the input. Of course, we’re also experts in acquisition – but we often recommend this comes last.
Your team is your best resource.
Unlike other agencies we partner with our clients and work hand-in-hand with your team. We believe this is the best way to produce results. We want to educate and coach your team when needed so there is no dependency on us.
When we find success in one area our goal is for your team to be able to run with it so we can focus on finding more wins.

Who we work with ?

You have validated Product Market Fit
$500K+ in ARR or $1M+ Raised
You’re a CEO, CMO or Director at a SaaS Business
You have aggressive goals and love transparency
Feel like it could be great fit?

Who is Bryte ?

We are led by two former head of growth:
Gabriel Gourovitch & Benjamin Kimo Twichell. Gabriel launched is first startup at 21 and is passionate about product growth since (see his blog and podcast). Benjamin, born in San Francisco, was CMO at two different startups before their acquisitions, and is an ardent nerd for all things growth and entrepreneurship.

Our cultural mix provides us with a unique perspective on international product growth.

Benjamin and Gabriel have been featured as experts by the following institutions: